Dodging LA Podcast #5

Logan and Brian are joined by guests Todd and Preston and go in-depth on LeBron getting red hot of late, Westbrook’s triple double business, and the Rondo vs Carlisle beef. The pod changes gears around 47:00 to NFL offseason talk and the recent cuts. Will there be football in LA again? The pod comes to […]

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Dodging LA Podcast #3

Logan, Brian, and Todd break down All Star Weekend, the highlights, lowlights and how New York presented the whole event. The topic turns to who deserves the next signature shoe in the NBA and the pod finishes off with the age-old question: What’s the better franchise, Die Hard or Lethal Weapon?  

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Dodging LA Podcast #2

Logan, Brian, and Jeremy discuss the fateful play call at the end of the Super Bowl, the best and worst moments from all the California teams in the NBA, and of course check out some of the latest sneakers releasing around the NBA All Star Game. FIRST 28ish MINUTES ARE SUPER BOWL AND NFL TALK. […]

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Can the Warriors Win 70 Games?

Once the league┬árealized how legitimate of a contender these Golden State Warriors were, the speculation began; can this Warriors team match the legendary ’96 Chicago Bulls team that won 72 games? The Warriors currently sit at 37-8, meaning they could only have 4 more losses the rest of the season to crack the 70 win […]

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